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Shop for Desktop Airplane Models and Ship Models by Executive Series and Silent Thunder Series, made of Philippine mahogany, solid resin composite, and plastic.  US Military Aircraft, Helicopter Models, NASA Models and Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Program Spacecraft.  Commercial Airlines, Private Airplanes, Civilian Aviation, Business Jets, Navy Submarines, and Ocean Liners. Custom Airplane Models of Private Planes, Historical Aircraft, Naval Ships, Cruise Ships, Military Jets, Helicopters, and the Aerospace Industry Models. Government Agency Plaques.  We also supply models to museums, aerospace companies, collectors and the television and movie production industry. Herpa Airport Accessories. Corgi Die-cast Models and SkyMarks Snap-Fit Models : US Flags & Military Flags : UPS Airplane Models

                USSF - United States Space Force Plaque    
Shop for Old World Nautical Map Globes!   Shop for Old World Nautical Map Globes!  Globe with Airplane / Shop for Old World Nautical Map Globes!

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Submarine & Ship Models
Maritime Replicas

Click here for Stock & Made to Order Submarine and Ship Models
Click here for Custom Submarine and Ship Models

Custom Ship Model - Index

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United States Military
Aircraft Models

Click Here For US Military Aircraft Models

- Modern Day Jets

Presidential Aircraft
Air Force One and Marine One

Click here for Air Force One Models

Airplane & Helicopter Models
VC-25A 747-200 - VC-137A 707
VH-60D Seahawk - VH-3D Seaking

Custom Aircraft Models
with Clear Canopy & Cockpit Interior

NEW! Custom aircraft models with clear canopy and windows, viewable detailed cockpit and interior.

NASA Space Models
Click here for NASA Models
Apollo 11 - LEM - LCM
Space Shuttle & Rockets

Signed Mercury - Gemini - Apollo Capsules

Commercial Airline Models
Click here for Commercial Airline Models

Private - Civilian - Business
Click here for Private - Civilian - Business Jet Models

Helicopter Models
Click here for Desktop Helicopter Models

Custom Helicopter Models
Click here for Custom Helicopters, Airplanes & Space Models!
Custom Airplane Models
Custom NASA Space Models

Foreign Military Aircraft
Click here for Foreign Military Aircraft Models

Signed Models
Click here for Signed Models
Warplanes - Spacecraft - Test Pilots
NASA Mercury - Gemini - Apollo

Custom Models - Custom Solutions by STM
Custom Models ~ Custom Solutions

Government Seals & Wall Plaques
Government Seals & Wall PlaquesGovernment Seals & Wall Plaques
Special Interest Navigation
Special Interest Navigation - UAV Drones - Famous Airplanes

Custom Yacht Models
Custom Yacht Models & Sailing Vessels
Custom Boat Models

Pilot & Aviation Collectibles
Polished Metal - L-1049 Super Constellations Aviation Signs Aviation DVD's Children's Commercial Airlines Pilot Hats
Mahogany Government Seals Aviation, Space & Maritime Lithographs US Military Flags Airline T-Shirts

HMMWW - Abrams M1A1D - Patton M-48

Ship Display Cases &
Aircraft Accessories
Desktop Mahogany Wall Mount Display StandsClick here for Mahogany & Glass Ship Display Cases
Custom Acrylic Display Cases
Gemini Jets & Airport Diorama AccessoriesGemini Jets
Airport Sets
Herpa Wings & Airport Diorama Accessoriesherpa Jets
Airport Sets
SkyMarks Airplane Models   UPS Airplane ModelsShop for Toys at our Toy Shop!
Shop for Toys at our Toy Shop -!
Corgi Die-cast Models
UASF - X-45B (Grey) UCAV - 1/48 Scale Resin Model DARPA - USAF - X-45B (Grey) UCAV - 1/48 Scale Resin Model
 ON SALE - $109.00 - $139.00
 In Stock - Ready to Ship
US Vice-Presidential Seal - 10" diameterUS Vice-Presidential Seal
10" Inch Diameter

 ON SALE - $89.00 - $139.00
 In Stock - Ready to Ship


MS OASIS OF THE SEAS - 1/350 Scale ModelMS OASIS OF THE SEAS - 1/350 Scale ModelMS OASIS OF THE SEAS - 1/350 Scale Model

Click here for MS OASIS OF THE SEAS
NEW  - 1/350 Scale Model - 40.49" Inch Length
This ship model has unsurpassed detail!

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