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Silent Thunder Models - Aviation - NASA Spacecraft - Maritime Replicas

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Custom Models Lead Time
Availability of most Custom Desktop airplane models is 45-60 days. Some models can take up to two or three months for delivery, depending upon production and logistics. Production time on most custom ship and submarine models is 10-12 weeks, depending upon the degree of difficulty and scale. We will contact you via email to let you know the window of time on your delivery. Thanks!
Shipping Info:  These custom desktop airplane models will be shipped via EMS with quoted pricing. Expedited shipping can also be arranged once the model is complete.
                                                Thanks for your patronage!
Note:  Although some models are pictured without a base, ALL Desktop Display Models will come with an attractive wood base for desktop or shelf display.

Click here for Custom Space Models

Aircraft Models - Helicopter Models - Space Models - THUNDER SUPREME©
Click on the images below to view samples of our Custom Helicopters.
Please email for a quote on your next prototype or large volume production helicopter models.

Get the ultimate helicopter model with THUNDER SUPREME©

THUNDER SUPREME© with Clear Cockpit Canopy and Interior Details


Please allow 16-18 weeks for production and delivery of this model.
Other scales and configurations also available. Pricing may vary depending upon alterations requested.

Shipping: Price includes delivery in the continental United States and Hawaii

Choose Size
Helicopter Type: ie; MD500
Model Specifications:
+ Clear Canopy and detailed interior, for warplanes with bubble canopies and 2 seat private planes
+ Clear canopy and windows, detailed cockpit and cabin interior, mostly for helicopters and civilian aircrafts like Business Jets, Cessna, Piper, Beech, etc.
Timeline: 16 - 18 Weeks
+ Base logo, corporate or the aircraft manufacturer
+ Nameplate, personalized or generic
+ Polished aluminum stands
+ Display Base
Choice of Finish:
+ Standard Mahogany
+ Gloss Black
+ Matte Black

Click for Supersize Comparison of Helicopter and Model

Purchase a Custom Helicopter Model
Based on maximum Length of Helicopter
Our Factory Production Time is 12-16 weeks . One of the fastest in the Industry.
Business - Corporate - Private - Military - MedEvac - Fire Rescue - News - Police
+ Large wide-body or intricate helicopter designs are subject to a higher fee. Please email if you are concerned about your intended model.

Standard Package
12" -  16" inches

Standard Package II
17" -  20" inches

Standard Package III
21" -  24" inches

$399.00 - Delivered
Brass Nameplate is Included
+ Brass Logo add $20.00

$499.00 - Delivered
Brass Nameplate is Included
+ Brass Logo add $20.00

$799.00 - Delivered
Brass Nameplate is Included
+ Brass Logo add $20.00

Choose Options
Helicopter Type: ie; MD500
Choose Options
Helicopter Type: ie; MD500
Choose Options
Helicopter Type: ie; MD500

$399.00 USD
Delivered: Price Includes
Shipping in the Continental US

$570.00 USD
Delivered: Price Includes
Shipping in the Continental US

$799.00 USD
Delivered: Price Includes
Shipping in the Continental US


Special Order Custom Helicopter Models
Desktop Display Helicopter Models

Museum Quality - Hand Carved & Hand Painted Philippine Mahogany
From a model maker with over 35 years experience.
Models can be made up to 20' feet in length.

Customized Helicopter Model Process


Need color photos emailed of intended Helicopter for modeling.


All custom Helicopter models are made from specially treated Philippine mahogany with metal castings and wire.


We can have any length or scale made, that you desire. Actually, up to 20 feet in length.


Basic Helicopter Model cost varies from approximately $399.00 to $799.00 delivered and up depending upon scale, length, details and volume.


Helicopters skids and details such as wire cutters are included.


Display stands are included and available in stained mahogany or black . Your logo in decal  and brass or aluminum inscription plate with the wording of your choice, is included on the display base at no additional cost. Brass Logo plates instead of Decals are available for an additional $15.


Pictures of the completed model from different angles will be emailed to you for your approval. Once you approve your model, it takes approximately 3 days for clear coat and dry time prior to shipment.


Choose your own registration numbers, paint scheme and other details,  to personalize the model.


Requires 12-14 weeks production time. (Shipping time is additional.)


Unique airplane models, space models, and NASA models can also be created.


Custom Helicopter Models
Click here to fill out our custom model request form.
Bell 206B Jet Ranger - Air 3 NBC News Chopper Bell 206B Jet Ranger - Air 3 NBC News Chopper
Click for Supersize Comparison of Helicopter and Model
Click for Supersize Comparison of Helicopter and Model
LifeFlight Helicopter LifeFlight - Helicopter Model
TV News Choppers - EMS Rescue - Fire - Law Enforcement - Police
Trade Shows - Aerobatic - Racing - Historic - Vintage - Spacecraft

NASA - Corporate - Business - Military - Private - Civilian

Custom Model Gallery of Airplanes & Helicopters
Custom Model Gallery
Click image for larger view.
Corporate - Promotional - Private

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Silent Thunder Models - Custom
Click here to fill out our custom model request form.
Custom Model Request Form
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