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The Earth's Moon - Click Image to Enlarge - Please Visit Silent Thunder Models for NASA Space Collectibles!
Earth's Moon orbits at a distance of 225,745 miles from the Earth.
Vital Statistics
Diameter = 2,160 miles - Weight = 81 Quintillion tons - Orbital Speed = 2,287 mph

Interesting Moon Facts
The Moon does rotate, although it is in tidal lock with the Earth. Meaning the Moon rotates at a speed as it orbits around the Earth (which is also rotating as it orbits around the sun) in perfect sync. That is, the Moon always presents the same side of itself to our view from Earth giving rise to the expression "Dark Side of the Moon". The far side or dark side of the Moon has never been viewed from the Earth.

The Moon is also the exact distance from Earth, and the exact diameter necessary to cause a total eclipse of the Sun when viewed from the proper location on Earth.

Moon Statistics
Mass (kg) 7.349e+22
Mass (Earth = 1) 1.2298e-02
Equatorial radius (km) 1,737.4
Equatorial radius (Earth = 1) 2.7241e-01
Mean density (gm/cm^3) 3.34
Mean distance from Earth (km) 384,400
Rotational period (days) 27.32166
Orbital period (days) 27.32166
Average length of lunar day (days) 29.53059
Mean orbital velocity (km/sec) 1.03
Orbital eccentricity 0.0549
Tilt of axis (degrees) 1.5424
Orbital inclination (degrees) 5.1454
Equatorial surface gravity (m/sec^2) 1.62
Equatorial escape velocity (km/sec) 2.38
Visual geometric albedo 0.12
Magnitude (Vo) -12.74
Mean surface temperature (day) 107C
Mean surface temperature (night) -153C
Maximum surface temperature 123C
Minimum surface temperature -233C

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