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X-Men - X-Jet Model From The Original Motion Picture

The X-Men Movie - X-Jet Model

The X-Men Movie - X-Jet Model
X-Jet Model

The X-Jet is the primary source of transportation for the X-Men. It is equipped with highly advanced technology, such as Infra Red Night Vision.  The X-Jet is also capable of hovering just above the ground, and floating on water if need be.   Most of the X-Men are trained to pilot this jet. 1 of 2000 (not numbered) &   2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.

X-Men - X-Jet Model
From The Original Motion Picture
" X-Men"
1/100 Scale Mahogany Model
Limited Production of 2000

13"   W/S: 10 1/2"
$89.00 plus $13.35 s/h (US only)

X-Jet Model X-Jet Model
Executive Series - Airplane Models
Click image for larger view of baseplate
Click image for larger view of base plate.
(clear plastic removable cover on base plate)
&   2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.


Limited Edition of 2000 models created.

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