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US Navy - Blue Angels Collection - Set of 8 1/72 Scale Mahogany Models

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US Navy
The USN Blue Angels Collection

F-6F Hellcat to the currently used F/A-18 Hornet
Historical Heritage Collection

Fleet of Eight (8) 1/72 Scale Mahogany Models

Price: $599.00
$47.92 s/h in continental US
DESKTOP Fully Assembled Large Mahogany Display Model Fleet

Base Length: 36"   W/S: 13"
$599.00 plus $47.92 s/h (US only)

Painstakingly detailed and fully assembled, this model includes a stand for desktop or shelf display. This high quality replica is handcrafted from mahogany and comes with a wooden display base.

US NAVY Blue Angels
This great collection spans the history of the Blue Angels. Mounted on a beautiful mahogany base all eight model aircrafts are precisely hand finished to exact detail, from F-6F Hellcat to the currently used F/A-18 Hornet. Complete with the Blue Angels logo and brass plaques indicating the aircraft type and years flown.

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