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RUSSIAN - Soyuz U2 - Russian Carrier Rocket - 1/100 Scale Model

Soyuz-U2 Russian Carrier Rocket - 1/100 Scale
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Russian Federal Space Agency
Роскосмос Roskosmos

Soyuz U2 - Russian Carrier Rocket Model
Orbital Carrier Rocket
1/100 Scale Mahogany Model

Price: $475.00

$26.00 s/h in continental US
Scale: 1/100
DESKTOP Authentic Details - Fully Assembled THUNDER XTREME© Mahogany Display Model
Made to Order - Please allow 14-16 weeks for production

Length: 17"   W/S: 3.34"   Height:
$475.00 plus $26.00 s/h (US only)

Russian Federal Space Agency - Soyuz - TMA - Korolyov Design Bureau
This space capsule is the present day orbiter vehicle used by the Russian Space Agency (Роскосмос) for logistical transport to the ISS (International Space Station). Currently carrying astronauts and cosmonauts to and from the ISS. The International Space Station maintains a docked Soyuz spacecraft at all times to be used as means of escape (egress) in the event of an emergency on the station.

July 4th, 2010... MOSCOW:  The Progress M-06M cargo spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS), RIA Novosti correspondent reported from Mission Control on Sunday. The Space freighter docked to the port of the Russian Zvezda in the automotive mode. Friday's docking for the space freighter was aborted due to a loss of telemetry. Flight controllers reported the resupply craft flew past the ISS. The spacecraft was about 2 km from the station when the system received a signal to stop approaching the ISS. The Progress M-06M was launched from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan on a Soyuz-U carrier rocket on Wednesday night. The space freighter carries fuel, oxygen, scientific equipment and video and photo equipment to the ISS, as well as food, water and personal items for the 6-men crew of the orbital station.

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