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North American B-25B Mitchell - "Doolittle's Raiders" - Signed 1/43 Scale Model

North American - B-25B Mitchell (Olive) - "Doolittle Raider"
This high quality replica is handcrafted from mahogany and comes with a wooden base. Model comes with a numbered certificate of Authenticity.
Signed by Richard Cole.
Price: $299.00
$23.92 s/h in continental US
Scale: 1/43
Signed Elite SkyWarrior Model
DESKTOP Mahogany Airplane Model

Length: 15 1/2"   W/S: 18 3/4"
$299.00 plus $23.92 s/h (US only)

Elite Skywarrior
Mahogany Wood Display Base
With Brass Nameplate

On 18 April 1942 Lt. Col. Cole (then 2nd Lieutenant) flew from the deck of the Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet on what would be one of the most daring raids on the empire of Japan during WWII. He was the co-pilot of a B-25B Mitchell bomber (piloted by Lt. Col. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle). His plane was one of sixteen like-bombers with a mission to bomb Tokyo and other key cities in Japan that day. This attack, America's first retaliatory strike, would be so decisive that it would ultimately lead to the turning point of the war with the Japanese counter attack and the defeat at Midway in June of that same year.

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