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NASA - Space Shuttle Orbiter and 4 Manned Launch Carrier Vehicle Rocket Collection - 1/100 Scale Mahogany Models

NASA - Space Shuttle Orbiter and 4 Launch Carrier Vehicle Rocket Collection
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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

United States Manned Launch Carrier Vehicles
Set Includes: (5) Launch Carrier Vehicle Rocket Models
Apollo-Saturn V 1969  |  Mercury-Redstone 1960-1963  |  Gemini-Titan II 1964-1966  |  Mercury-Atlas 1960  |  Space Shuttle Discovery Full Stack
+Your choice of Space Shuttle Designation
1/100 Scale Models

Price: $3595.00 Delivered (price includes shipping) in continental US
Price: $3995.00 Delivered (price includes shipping however, some International areas may incur additional shipping costs) International
All models come with brass nameplates and brass colored NASA logo
BIG Apollo Saturn V - Height - 43.5" Inches
Mercury-Redstone - Height - 11" inches
Gemini-Titan - Height - 14" inches
Mercury-Atlas - Height - 12.44" inches
Space Shuttle Discovery Full Stack - Height - 25" inches

US - $3595.00 Delivered

16-18 weeks for production
International - $3995.00 Delivered

16-18 weeks for production

Rocket Model Group
Mercury-Redstone 1960-1963  |  Mercury-Atlas 1960  |  Gemini-Titan II 1964-1966  |  Space Shuttle Discovery Full Stack  | Apollo-Saturn V 1969

This beautiful display honors the United States Fleet of manned rocket spaceships that provided decades of transportation for man to orbital space and with the Apollo Saturn V Rocket, to the Moon. The Space Shuttle Orbiters enabled us to construct and then rotate shuttle astronaut crews to occupy our International Space Station. The details include a stand for desktop or shelf display with handsome brass nameplates identifying the models and metal uprights to hold them in place. These high quality replicas are handcrafted from mahogany. All model bases come with (2) brass plates, (1) brass nameplate and (1) brass colored NASA logo.

NASA - United States Manned Carrier Launch Vehicle Collection - Five (5) 1/100 Scale Mahogany Models

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